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Hey, I Need a Little Love out Here

Hey, I Need a Little Love out Here


So if you are looking for great, affordable ideas to get you thinking “riding season” and some of the best deals around, you just found ‘em in our RED TAG sales department at Metric Thunder.

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American Graffiti Scooter Shot: ACTION!

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Checkout the action when you combine the brakes and the throttle!

Vespa Riding Attire?

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Can You See the Vespa?

Can You See the Vespa?

A New Look for 2009

In looking for scooter attire I found this tasty website of models from around the globe. It took me a while to find the Vespa in the picture.

Now, we can’t condone her riding attire. We favor leather boots, jacket, gloves and a crash helmet. We do however, support her enthusiasm for 2 wheels.

I believe it is the only motorbike on the site. Enjoy.

The Vespa Woodie

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Scooter to the Rescue

The Green Scooter

A Natural Vespa

The Vespa scooter has a classic shape that just about everyone likes. Portuguese craftsman Carlos Alberto managed to fashion one from laminated hardwood… Perfetto!

Click here to see the gallery of the Vespa Woodie Scooter.

“Throw A Kit” Rap

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Scooter Tunes

Video for “Throw a Kit” Performed by Hollywood Holt featuring Million Dollar Mano. The video was shot, directed, and edited by Thunder Horse (Taran Allen, Alex Gvojic).

Fire-Lambrettas To the Rescue!

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Scooter to the Rescue

Scooter to the Rescue

Fire Truck on 2 Wheels

From the Morton’s archives located across the pond and was first published in The Motorcycle on April 9, 1953. On the reverse of the photograph, a press release was found with a publication date of April 1st of that year.

The release stated:

“To reduce the costs of the municipal fire brigade, the city council of Düsseldorf decided upon the acquisition of 24 Fire-Lambrettas. These are derivatives of the well-known NSU Lambretta motor-scooter. Instead of a pillion seat, a 60-litre water tank is installed whose capacity can be used in the absence of a direct water supply. A rotary pump, powered by the scooter’s engine, delivers the necessary pressure. The extendable ladder is supported by two poles to provide sufficient stability. The Fire-Lambretta is employed in house fires up to the first floor. Higher and bigger fires remain reserved for the common fire trucks.”

Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear Hates 2 Wheels

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Daily Mail captured this picture

Jeremy Clarkson Hates Scooter

If you are into performance on 2 or 4 wheels then you might have run across this guy, Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear television from the BBC. He and a couple of his mates talk automotive performance.

SO it was a surprise to find him on TV beating up on a defenseless 250cc Vespa GTV. The machine makes about 22 HP and is capable of reaching 76 MPH.

They say that the fat, balding Top Gear presenter’s hatred for motorcycles and those who ride them is well known. But Clarkson, 48, once caused outrage by suggesting in his newspaper column that the number of motorcyclists should be cut by stretching cheesewire across the road… Blasphemy!

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