Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear Hates 2 Wheels

Daily Mail captured this picture

Jeremy Clarkson Hates Scooter

If you are into performance on 2 or 4 wheels then you might have run across this guy, Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear television from the BBC. He and a couple of his mates talk automotive performance.

SO it was a surprise to find him on TV beating up on a defenseless 250cc Vespa GTV. The machine makes about 22 HP and is capable of reaching 76 MPH.

They say that the fat, balding Top Gear presenter’s hatred for motorcycles and those who ride them is well known. But Clarkson, 48, once caused outrage by suggesting in his newspaper column that the number of motorcyclists should be cut by stretching cheesewire across the road… Blasphemy!

The Daily Mail captured pictures of Jeremy Clarkson riding a Vespa GTV around his village in the Cotswolds.

Vesa – Vintage Look from the 1940’s

What sets the GTV apart from the closely related GTS includes a rounded, simple, vintage analog gauge cluster with low profile windscreen, a split leather seat, a complex metallic paint scheme, naked chrome handlebars and a fender mounted headlamp in the heritage of the original Vespa of the 1940’s. It’s all very classy.

As with all Vespa scooters, the GTV is built as a steel body, monocoque frame. Having a monocoque (single shell) design allows for lighter, more ridged construction than a typical welded pipe frame covered in a non-load-bearing fairing. The added rigidity maximizes tracking and control while reducing vibration. Many changes and advancements have been seen in 60 years, but the frame remains the same.


The Vespa GTV 250 is one of the lightest scooters in its class, weighing in at 322 lbs. It also has one of the shortest wheelbases at 54.9 inches. These two attributes combine to make this scooter one of the most maneuverable two wheelers available. A 40 mph slalom around potholes and pedestrians are all part of the fun.


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