Buddy Black Jack – Old School Scootering

The 90mpg Rocket!

The Buddy Black Jack.

Old School Buddy Black Jack.

Who says performance and economy don’t mix?

The Buddy Black Jack 150 gives you arm-stretching, eyeball-popping acceleration and still sips fuel like a bird. It is available from The Genuine Scooter Company, a Chicago-based company that started life out with Stella, a 150cc scooter with manual transmission and vintage styling.

It looks like an old-school chopper-scooter from back-in-the-day. And you immediately love or hate it. Love those gangsta white walls!

The Black Jack comes with an 150cc 4-stroke, Forced Air engine with a variable ration automatic transmission.

Scooter on Roids

The brake and suspension bits are name brand, top-shelf, race-tuned and beefed-up. The transmission is primed to launch you from stop lights. The Black Jack goes like heck, corners like a go kart, and stops on a dime.

Buddy Black Jack.

Buddy Black Jack

Want even more?

The dealer-installed accessory performance pipe (off road, closed-course use only) booms out the music.

You can reserve your Buddy from AMerica’s SMallest SCooter COmpany… Genuine Scooters


~ by scooterleathers on January 5, 2009.

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