Vespa on a Roman Holiday

Vespa  scooters have their cult following.

Vespa have their cult following.


With Audrey Hepburn at her most appealing, Gregory Peck at his most charismatic, Vespa at its most racy and Rome at its most photogenic.

Vespa scooters have their cult following. Like the Harley, Corvette, Volkswagen or Mini Cooper, Vespas are liked because of their unique (some consider cute as the more appropriate description) design.

Vespa have retained there cool factor in popular culture throughout the decades. Vespas look cool parked in front of art colleges, juice bars and any back lane or side street in Europe.

Audrey Hepburn played Princess Anne, who was visiting Rome for a state visit. Tired of her strictly regimented life, she escaped the confines of her embassy. One night Anne sneaks out of her room and escapes her luxurious confinement. A sedative she was forced to take earlier starts to take effect, and the princess is soon fast asleep on a public bench.

Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck), an American newspaper reporter stationed in Rome finds her and takes her back to his apartment. The next morning Joe dashes off to cover the Princess Anne press conference, unaware that she is sleeping on his couch!

Once he realizes he has Princess Anne back in his apartment, he promises his editor an exclusive interview with the princess.

Audrey Hepburn rode on the back of the Vespa while adhered to Gregory Peck.

Movie Quote:

“At midnight, I’ll turn into a pumpkin and drive away in my glass slipper.” – Princess Ann


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