Alpha Inventions Drives Scooter Traffic

I found alphainvention by observing the dashboard of my blog. Since this is a new blog, I was surprised to learn that there was so much traffic being referred from the site. After spending 30 minutes browsing, I can’t understand how it works. Even so…

Charu of Alpha Inventions built a website that gathers blogs in a convenient, easy to use format. The program he built collects blogs in an effort to connect bloggers and their readers in real time. It is a great idea, and Alpha Inventions gets better as the weeks go by.

Alpha Inventions — A Brilliant Idea For Bloggers

The purpose of Alpha Inventions is to connect bloggers with each other in a faster way, so there are no gaps in communication. Targeted communication will improve.


~ by scooterleathers on January 1, 2009.

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