2009 Redux – The Vespa S 50cc Review

Vespa S Clean, Lean, and Ready to Twist and Go

Review on the The Vespa S 50cc

2009 Redux - The Vespa S 50cc

The Vespa S Hits the Road

The appeal of the sporty ‘Vespino’ lives on in the shape of the all-new Vespa S, inspired by Vespa’s long traditions in young and dynamic scooter design. The minimalist styling of the Vespa S traces its origins back to legendary models like the Vespa 50 Special and the Vespa Primavera.

Vespa has brought back the 50cc version of it’s ‘Vespa S’ scooter to North America for the 2009 model year.

This all-new addition to the company’s iconic scooter blends all the premium Vespa product benefits, such as Italian styling and the unique single-steel chassis, with a newly engineered four-stroke, four-valve SOHC engine.

To develop the most powerful 50cc four-stroke available today, Vespa engineers minimized weight and maximized the power curve, creating a performance character that to-date has been exclusively associated with two-stroke technology. The new engine variant not only gives the Vespa S 50 a distinct performance edge in the 50cc category, but is also eco friendly.

The Vespa’s high-strength steel body acts as the scooter’s structural frame, a chassis design solution unique in the world of scooter production. In addition to superior strength, the frame is exceptionally rigid, resulting in excellent road holding and precision control. The scooter’s low center of gravity also makes riding it supremely simple.

Equipped with an advanced front disc/rear drum brake system, the Vespa S 50 offers confident stopping power. The advanced mixed-type braking system includes a front 7.8″ diameter disc with hydraulic linkage and a dual opposed piston hydraulic caliper.

The back has a 4.3″ diameter drum with mechanical linkage. The 11” front and 10” rear wheels with light alloy rims add to the Vespa S 50’s excellent stability. A wide arc front halogen headlight ensures great visibility at all times.

Like all Vespas, the S 50 features a ‘twist and go’ continuously variable transmission (CVT) which transforms all that improved horsepower into smooth and easy acceleration and riding from start to finish.

The 2008 Vespa S 50 has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $3,199. Available colors include:

2009 Redux - The Vespa Dragon Red

Vespa S Dragon Red

2009 Redux - The Vespa S 50cc

Vespa Shinny Black

2009 Redux - The Vespa S 50cc

Vespa S Montebianco

2009 Redux - The Vespa S 50cc

Vespa Taormina Orangec

For more information on the Vespa S 50 and the entire Vespa model line visit www.vespausa.com.

2008 Vespa S 150 – Big Brother Review

Video From www.Motorcycle.com

Sure, its a Vespa so you would expect it to be visually appealing, but this is different. What sets her apart is the fact that it was designed to evoke not just the classic Vespa style, but more precisely a specific model; the Vespa Special 50.

Another Vespa S 50 review at Scootering USA.


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