Vespa Vagabond – Charlie Lives & Finds A Home in Wyoming

Charlie an Orphaned Coyote Pup

Charlie an Orphaned Coyote Pup

Vespa Vagabond is a tale about a 30 year old writer and photographer who took a ride from San Francisco to New York City on a Vespa… After living in San Francisco for years, Shreve Stockton decided to move back to New York City.

Once she got to NYC, the country had put its spell on her, and she promptly moved to Wyoming instead.

Shreve takes you through the trip with each post a short story:

I rode in formation with Harleys, and shared the road with tractors and Amish buggies. I rode my Vespa into a bar, a coffeeshop, and several stranger’s garages. My route took me down back roads, dirt roads, and secondary highways; through a glittering high-speed underwater tunnel and over quaint wooden bridges. I rode through gravel and mud and only eight miles of interstate. I reached elevations of 8,000 feet; survived a record-breaking storm; and endured temperatures that ranged from 109 F to 42 F. I drove through lightning, thunder and some of the most gorgeous landscapes ever seen…

Charlie an Orpaned Coyote Pup

Checking Out Spurs

What took me by surprise and what made me smile was Charlie. During the trip she adopted a ten-day-old orphaned coyote baby named Charlie. He is a wild-born coyote who was orphaned after both his parents were shot for killing sheep.

Now Charlie is living in Wyoming and has his own Blog.

His blog, the Daily Coyote is an archive of Charlie’s daily pictures and Shreve’s stories of life with a coyote. New photographs are posted every day, but there is a five month lag behind real-time.

Charlie lives with Shreve, tomcat Eli and Chloe the hound. But the star of the show is Charlie, he even has a 2009 calendar.

Being an artist, Shreve Stockton has included her outstanding photography in her blog, much of it for sale.


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