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Yamaha C3 ScooterThe Yamaha C3 scooter is a 49 cc Scooter with lots of high tech design with a modern look based on a retro design. Fat tires and big storage make this little puppy a low ridin’ hip way to move about your neighborhood.

It’s a liquid-cooled, SOHC 4-stroke single; 3-valve engine which runs for a long, long time on 1.2 gallons of gas… Yamaha claims 115mpg efficiency.

For casual in town riding it’s hard to beat this little guy. Handling is great, the drum brakes are excellent, and it will do 40mph. The C3 is available in Red, White and Yamaha Blue for the 2008 model year with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. You’ll be able to pick up this unique feat of Japanese engineering for just $1,999 MSRP.

Acceleration is good, even with a 200+ lb rider, and it can comfortably cruise at 35mph all day. There’s enough cargo room for a six-pack and a personal pizza, but serious shopping will require a backpack.Cushman Scooter The C3 has that classic retro good-look with all the new technology that is available today.

The Cushman company operated from 1903 to 2003. The most successful model of Cushman scooter, the Eagle, was in production approximately 16 years. It resembled motorcycles with its exposed engine and top tank.

Other Cushman models used a traditional step-through design common for most scooters and used by Vespa to develop their iconic range. Some late 50s Cushmans, designated Road King and Pacemaker, had jet-age body styling. Sears sold a version of these models under the Allstate brand.

Scooter Details

  • Trendy “box” design scooter accentuates cubic space—hence the name C3—while it stresses function and simplicity.
  • Completely modern running gear, including a fuel-injected engine makes this one super- economical to operate. The C3 will take you a long, long way on a single 1.2-gallon tank of gas.
  • High-function features include big tires on cast aluminum wheels, a motorcycle-type fork and handlebar.
  • Side-hinged, locking storage compartment swallows up to nine gallons of gear.
  • The C3 achieves fuel economy up to an estimated 115 mpg** with a fuel tank that holds 1.2 gallons of gas.


  • Wide, comfortable seat is only 28.9 inches from the pavement.
  • The 9-gallon locking underseat storage is perfect for hauling backpacks, groceries, or whatever.
  • Retro/functional style is designed for individual customization.
  • Cool instrument display provides a speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, high-beam indicator light and engine management indicator lights.

2008 Review for the C3 By Steve Guzman, Aug. 06, 2008, Photography by Steve Guzman, Video by Steve Guzman… Nice Review.


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