The Vespa S

The Vespa S

The Vespa S

The appeal of the sporty ‘Vespino’ lives on in the shape of the all-new Vespa S, inspired by Vespa’s long traditions in young and dynamic scooter design. The minimalist styling of the Vespa S traces its origins back to legendary models like the Vespa 50 Special and the Vespa Primavera.

The Vespa Special (1969) and Vespa Primavera (1967) became the icons of a generation whose aspirations and conquests were to shape the world for decades to come. Compact, nippy, and dynamic, these models led the way in creating new trends in design and technology, appealing to a youthful generation.

The new Vespa S reflects the same sporty and dynamic characteristics of this previous generation. Design and technology have been carefully considered to emphasize the essence and spirit of Vespa; design is in keeping with the classic Vespa, whilst technology is up to date.

The S is powered by a 150cc air-cooled four-stroke. At 225 lbs it is one of the lightest weight 150cc scooters available; even four pounds lighter than the 125cc Yamaha Vino. She handles well on the city streets and the 30.5″ seat height helps the rider see and be seen. She has the smallish tires (10″ rear, 11″ front) you’d expect on a Vespa, great for darting around obstacles and down crowded city streets. Braking is provided by a potent (8.66″) front hydraulic disc and rear drum.

The sportier, low profile, single passenger corsa (racing) seat is a style that hasn’t been seen on another modern Vespa until the now. There is also an optional touring seat available to comfortably carry a passenger.


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