Saftey Tips, Baby!

When you are out in the elements – Make Sure You Are Safe Out There

Location: City Riding
Weather: Rain

    1: Keep OFF the middle of the lane… Cars fluids making it very slippery. First rain is the slippery because the oils are running off the road.

    2: Slow down when cornering and reduce your speed before the corner not during the turn. Show extra caution when turning.

    3: Keep an eye out for obsticals… Metal grates, plates, manhole covers, wet leaves all become slippery and they reduce your ability to stop, slow down or manuver.

    4: Pump It Up – Check your tire pressure

    5: Stay dry… Invest in a wet riding suit even if its one of those plastic rain slick things.

    6: Check the easy stuff – Test your headlights, taillight and brake light. Rain reduces visibility.

    7: Consider a fullface lid – It will keep you dry and allows you to see better.

    8: An anti-fog liner in side your visor will keep your visor clear.

    9. Try a scooter skirt, it will keep your pants dry and your lower body warmer.


~ by scooterleathers on December 20, 2008.

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