A New Lid for the Fairer Sex

More Innovations

More Innovations in Helmet Design

New Lids for Women

Matt Thompson, Harley-Davidson MotorClothes manager, went to 2007 Daytona Bike Week to conduct seminars on how to properly fit a helmet. In between seminars, he helped women try on new helmets and made a discovery. Many women, especially those with a lot of hair, were having trouble fitting into Harley’s traditional line of helmets.

After a lot of time and effort Thompson came up with a new helmet line called Skyline. The helmet is 10 mm deeper than the typical helmet. Matt Thompson learned from different female riders that helmets they tried were sitting too high on their head. “This made it difficult to get the proper fit,” says Thompson. “By making the shell deeper, the helmet will sit properly on a women’s head. It also comes in seven different thicknesses, that when combined with the available interchangeable liners, makes the Skyline helmet’s fit very customizable for a woman rider.”

In addition, the Skyline incudes a ponytail notch and an anti-static liner.

The fact that the helmet is deeper does not mean that it fits more loosely. As Matt Thompson explains, “A helmet should fit as tightly as you can comfortably wear it, and rest about one inch above your eyebrows. The problem some women were having is that they have more hair than men, and this was causing the helmet to rest too high and not snug enough. With a properly fitting helmet, the skin and scalp should move as the helmet moves. The deeper cavity allows the rider to have more contact with their skin. It also requires the need for interchangeable side liners, so that the customer can customize the fit from side to side.”

Women riders now represent 10% of the motorcycle market, and make up about 12% of Harley-Davidson sales. It makes sense for Harley dealers like you to learn what you need to do to cater to women riders. Although it does not appear that any other helmet companies are coming out with their own version of the Skyline, if sales take off, expect to see something similar in your favorite store.

Half helmet: $175
Three-quarter helmet: $195


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